We have been in the market for a new home ... and are anticipating a move this summer. I work with computers and websites and this site is very impressive. My hats off to the IT Team that designed this site. If as much care and information is put into your work as you do with your website, all I've got to say is you must have one helluva' business. I've seen twenty five to thirty real estate websites thus far but none compare to this in any way, shape or form. I don't know if this will reach the people you work for but I hope it does. It's blown the twenty five to thirty websites I visited right out of the water. Not to sound to crude but it's finally nice to go to a website where they really care. Thanks, John G. Bartlett

You Take Care of Your Customer As They Were Part of Your Family

Very impressive! You help me sell my property and buy my new place with no issues instead you help me out solving issues in my personal life, you really take care of your customer as they were part of your family, it's been over 7 months since you helped me bought my new place I'm very happy here hope to see you soon Mr. Upender take care and stay safe you and your family. 

- Bismarck Pereira

Upender Avasthi From Team Avasthi - Made us Home Owner

"Upender Avasthi has been such a wonderful advisor through the home buying process. We were first-time homebuyers with a timing constraint (family member Coming) and a handful of unique needs. From the first phone conversation Upender "got it" and was incredible at finding homes for us to view quickly. We were able to rely on her expert advice at multiple key moments of the process and efficiently closed on our home -- about 45 days from our first conversation to closing day. Made everyone in the family feel heard and went above and beyond to help us with all of the ancillary recommendations like lenders, contractors, and so forth. Professional, problem solver, understanding, dedicated, excellent client service. Upender is a pro and has incredible Knowledge and Expertise -- if you have the opportunity to work with him, don't let it slip! - Rukmani Verma"

- Rukmani Verma

Upender Found us Our first Home in the Middle of Pandemic

"We find it extremely hard to even put into words how amazing Upender Avasthi is at what he does.  Our experience with Upender exceeded our expectations!  We put our trust in this man, and it was absolutely worth it. During the process of buying our 1st home, when things get stressful (and they do when the Mortgage issue comes buying a home), he talked us down with the utmost professionalism but laced the talks with the perfect amount of humor. Anytime we had questions, he was always available with thoughtful and comprehensive answers. He kept us completely informed through every change and transaction. When I was seeking an agent to help us buy our first home, I reached to social media for recommendations. I requested an agent that was ethical, knowledgeable and that would work in partnership with us. That's exactly what I got. He reached out to us immediately and proved that our needs were important. He did everything in his power to do right by us, and he did. Not only did he get us our 1st home within 2 weeks in the middle of the Pandemic, but in the process, we faced multiple offers, ALL well over the asking price but we successfully got home well in our budget, we fully trusted him to do what he does best. Upender has his own unique way of doing things, and although some may believe his process to be unconventional, that's the beauty of Upender Avasthi From Team Avasthi. He is unconventional and that's what sets him apart. Upender is now someone we call our friend and my family, and we are blessed to have been able to meet him and work with him. You will NEVER regret hiring Upender! Thank you Upender!  - Gaurav Chauhan"


- Gorav Singh Chauhan

Home Sold Quick and For Top Dollars without Hassels

Upender Avasthi from Team Avasthi fulfilled his promise to sell my home very Quick and for Top Dollars, All strategies worked very well like When to Promote Off- Market, When to bring in Market, Staging, Showings, etc. There were multiple over asking offers which gave us a choice to choose from. We are extremely happy to work with Upender and Highly Recommend to Hire him as your Professional Realtor.

Rania Makhlouf
Victor H Makhlouf

- Rania & Victor H Makhlouf

Upender Helped me Getting a Home in a very Hot Sellers Market

Upender Avasthi From Team Avasthi who was completely unknown to me till August 2020, Came to Meet me As a Realtor under these unfortunate Covid times, Became a Good Friend & Helped me a Lot to Get A nice Home of My choice in my Preferred Area and Budget, In the times where every Home was Selling in Multiple offers, I like his Professionalism, Due Diligence, and Analytical skill to prepare an offer and submit it to be a WINNER. I highly recommend him for Home Hunting & Selling of Your Home.
Tito Bismark Pereira

- Tito Bismark Pereira